3 parts & score - 10$

Imagine that you had a very long day. You worked hard and finally you are home and all you need is to relax, read a good book or maybe just watch some TV. You take a snack and sit on your favorite couch and start to enjoy the evening, when suddenly… You hear this high pitch noise and feel that some small creature is about to sting you. You just brush it of, try to ignore it and simply wave it away, but the creature is not giving up and come back on you again, again and again... You are annoyed but still try to get back to what were you doing, but no...
The noise is back!!!
And you can not just sit and enjoy it any more!!!
There is a problem, and you have to take care of it!!!


Duration: 4 min.

for 2 Bb Clarinets and Bass Clarinet


C & P - flying levi music 1999