Concerto for Percussion

"... Levitas' Concerto was a celebration of sounds rarely heard in concert halls..."
Jerusalem Post
The Concerto for Percussion was written in 1999 for great percussion player and
friend - Chen Zimbalista. The idea was to combine different percussion instruments in
one piece of music, even to play few of them simultaneously - like marimba and vibraphone
together in second movement, and of course to show virtuosity of percussion soloist.
After many successful Zimbalista's performances in Israel, Europe and USA,
I was contacted by another great German percussionist - Babette Haag, who later
recorded this concerto on Animato records.

Duration: 14 min.

Percussions: Marimba, Vibraphone, Glock, Bass Drum, Grand Casa,
Tam Tam, Chinese Gongs, Cymbals

Violins I
Violins II
Double Basses

C & P - flying levi music 1999